Sales is a service

Here's the truth: If you want to create a profitable business, you need to learn how to sell. The problem is that we carry so much fear around sales. It's my mission to help you flip your perspective around sales and discover how you can sell with integrity and in alignment with who you truly are (hint: you're not a 'sleazy' car salesman).

Changing your story around sales will allow you to...

  • Fully step into your purpose without worrying about what others think

  • Create aligned offerings that fully serve your ideal client and provide deep transformation

  • Watch your bank account grow whilst doing what you love

  • Say YES to experiences that give you more joy, growth, expansion and abundance

  • Create a thriving business that serves others and takes care of your needs

What's included

  • Video and Audio Training

  • Workbooks + Journals

  • 5 Modules of Content

  • Swipe Files and Scripts

  • Guided Meditations

  • Discussion and Support

What you'll learn:

6 modules of content


    Discover what's been holding you back from success, and overcome the negative sales stories you've been subscribing to


    Get clear on the vision you have for your business and your work, and what you have to offer your ideal clients


    Discover your role as a solutions provider and anchor into the ways you are here to serve your ideal client


    Now is the time to dig into your money mindset and remove the negative blocks that are keeping you from creating the income and impact you desire


    Create simple but effective sales systems that mean you can spend less time selling and more time doing what you love


    Discover how to hold space for your ideal client through authentic sales conversations and discovery calls

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We'll be officially starting the program on Sunday 2nd September but you can enrol now for a limited time at a special pre-enrolment price of £97 (normally £147)
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